Monday, March 1, 2021

My Gutters Are Leaking!

Are you seeing water in areas around the outside of home where you normally don't? Or just seeing dripping water coming from your gutters? It's not uncommon that you may have a simple leak. But don't worry, it's better to find it now (or hopefully you read this and go check your gutters today) and do repairs before a small leak...becomes a big issue.

The purpose of the gutters on your home are of course to maintain and keep water away from the base of your house, among other areas. The average person probably doesn't inspect their gutters enough, because a small leak can lead to a bigger lead...which can only lead to real issues such as soil erosion, mold/mildew, foundation damage, etc. 

Grab your ladders and go take a look!

Gutters are a vital, and underappreciated component of your home. And depending on you region, they probably take more of a beating than you would imagine. Heavy thunderstorms bring lots of continuous rain pouring down your roof, as well as large hail that come down at high speeds creating lots of damage. The deep snow storms pile up the snow and ice, putting a lot of weight on your gutters. I think you get the point here, it's important to take a quick look during storms sometimes, but more specifically take a look afterwards to see if you notice any leaks or damage.

Just because you find a leak however, doesn't mean you need to immediately have them replaced. The average, low cost gutters should still last you at least a decade if not more. So consider doing the inspection and performing repairs yourself. 

Make sure the issue is a leak and not a clog. A clog could mean other things, including more severe damage potential. You probably have a clog if you can see water rushing over the edges of your gutter system. It's important to make sure you clean out your gutters, removing any debris like leaves to help prevent clogs. When you think you've cleaned everything out, grab your water hose and test them out! If the water runs freely, and into your should be good to go!

If you do see some small cracks or holes, you should be able to go to your local hardware store to find gutter caulk to quickly fix the issues. Also make sure to make a look at the fasteners on the gutters to ensure they are properly attached to the structure. Over time they can easily become loose and eventually fall down in a high wind and rain type storm.

If you think you have a small issue, by all means, definitely attempt to plug the leak or repair the gutter system. But if you have questions, we highly recommend you contact your local specialists like Gutters Tyler TX for more information and a free inspection.


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My Gutters Are Leaking!

Are you seeing water in areas around the outside of home where you normally don't? Or just seeing dripping water coming from your gutter...