Vitamin D

Calcium – is a vital building material for bone tissue, which protects against osteoporosis. However, calcium cannot perform its function without enough vitamin D. Despite the scrutiny of the problems and prevention measures, still cases of rickets among children are registered. You can buy drugs, medicine, or try to buy Viagra online, but vitamins must be taken from the shop store. Over the life vitamin D and calcium have the same degree of importance in maintaining bone health. Vitamin D has many functions, but bone health – it`s main function.

New findings as to reason for ED

Vitamin D is present in human skin as vitamin D, which is activated by sunlight. As researchers found, the level of testosterone is directly dependent on the concentration of vitamin D in the body. Men, having at least 30 ng of vitamin D per 1 ml of blood, testosterone level are much higher than in men with the disadvantage. They found that the content of testosterone in the blood varies depending on the season. The maximum mark it reached in August. Since October, when solar activity decreases, the level of testosterone decreases and reaches its lowest level in March. Sporting achievements and reach their peak in the late summer and decrease in winter. It is also found that one hour spent in the sun, increases the level of testosterone by 50%.

In the winter months, scientists recommend filling the lack of “sunshine vitamin” products containing polyunsaturated acids. Therefore, bodybuilders need to carefully monitor the content in their food vitamin D, since it affects the level of testosterone required for anyone who wants to have a greater muscle mass more effectively carry out the training. Scientists say that vitamin D can cure impotence, but it is necessary to conduct a number of studies in order to use it as a natural remedy for impotence. A weighty argument in favor of treating dysfunction by means of vitamin D refers to the site, which that has proven results across studies. That was the conclusion they came from a study of data on ~3500 healthy men between the ages of 20 years.

“We are talking about exercise, adjustment of diet, vitamin supplements, as well as sunbathe“, said Dr. Erin Michos – lead research, associate professor of medicine at the Medical University of Johns Hopkins University.

To clearly establish the link between vitamin D deficiency and erectile dysfunction, more research is needed. If this link is proved, it can open up new opportunities and methods for the treatment of impotence. “Checking the vitamin D level can be a good way to assess the risk of erectile dysfunction in patients,” said Dr. Michos.

For a start it is recommended to do exercise to get rid of excess weight. Getting rid of excess fat will result in normalization of testosterone levels, and general health will be reflected very favorably. Do not forget about training and periodic fasting, which in moderate amounts also contribute to normal testosterone production. It is proved that zinc is a trace element essential for testosterone, so a daily ration of the substance must be in abundance. In large doses, zinc is found in protein foods (yogurt, milk, lean meat, beans, etc.). A sufficient amount of zinc is also necessary to maintain the required amount of testosterone to the body level. It is equally useful to normalize the levels of testosterone and vitamin D.

News surrounding vitamin D

News surrounding vitamin DExperts advise men to avoid stress, because in such a nervous tension body literally splashes out cortisol – is a hormone depressing testosterone function. Physicians are also advised to eat less sweet, because high blood sugar reduces the amount of male hormone. And remember, a man must eat meat to be a man. Contained in meat products saturated fats are actively involved in testosterone synthesis. Before starting the treatment of androgen deficiency, should identify the exact reasons for its occurrence. Usually men appointed replacement therapy hormone testosterone. This may be injection, tablets, on a special gel or hormone-based adhesive with its contents.

It is also worth remembering that the proven tools can be used to treat impotence. Enough to buy cialis and to make up its disadvantages. Vitamin D plays an important role in the production of testosterone and strengthening bones. Food rich with vitamin D is especially great in the winter months. It is from such foods as chicken and quail eggs, dairy products (cheese, cheese, milk, and butter), cod liver oil. Last used widely used in liquid form, in combination with not the most pleasant taste does not contribute to the people’s love. Today, rich in vitamin D cod liver oil can be purchased in every pharmacy in convenient capsules for use.

Remember that vitamins – a part of a vast complex of curative and preventive measures to be taken in case of violation of potency, for the prevention of violations of erection of the penis. Ideally – to use vitamin complexes is better to consult with your doctor urologist-andrologist. This vitamin is involved in the process of hematopoiesis and helps to improve the elasticity of blood vessels. Lack of vitamin D is fraught with tenderness, fatigue, bad mood and well-being, as well as frequent stress. Thus, it has, though not directly, but a significant impact on the implementation of the sexual needs of men. In addition, it normalizes the endocrine glands.