Sports Muscle Or Impotence? What Is Real Price Of Low-Quality Protein?

For those who are actively involved in sports, sports nutrition is of particular interest, in particular, special diets, food mixes and supplements, protein and amino acids.

The most popular are protein components, which can quickly help build muscle mass during training. But do you know that sports protein can be dangerous? It can cause allergic reactions, dysbacteriosis and other digestive disorders, can be as consequence of individual intolerance, and overdose. In addition, composition of protein sports nutrition can get third-party impurities, among which may be heavy metals, very dangerous to health.

Sports nutrition in form of protein and amino acid mixtures may be contraindicated for people with hepatic, renal failure and cardiac abnormalities.

What is pure protein and “what does it eat”?

Before we talk about all pitfalls of such sports nutrition, we note what, in fact, it is in itself. So, protein is polymeric compound, which consists of individual structural units – monomers – amino acids. It`s well known that proteins of human body include 22 amino acids. Of these, 14 body is able to synthesize itself, they are called interchangeable.

But the remaining 8 come along with food and are indispensable. Among the latter, most important for building muscle mass are leucine, valine, isoleucine and glutamine. Daily protein requirement is on average about 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight.

As a sports nutrition, not only pure protein is often used, but also mixtures of amino acids. It is worth noting that natural protein from food, such as meat, is absorbed by almost 95%. There are almost all necessary amino acids in accessible form for assimilation. But amino acid cocktails are poorly absorbed and, moreover, they have very low protein content suitable for assimilation.

“Pitfalls” protein sports diet

Responsible manufacturers practically don`t add additional flavors, dyes, additives, etc. to composition of food protein. This drug is almost 90% pure protein. However, it isn`t uncommon for impurities that can cause digestive disorders to enter composition of sports nutrition. Sometimes in large quantities during regular intake, they can be life threatening. These compounds can cause severe disorders of body systems and deplete it.

Low-quality protein can be one of causes of infertility and impotence in men

Sports protein can be dangerous to health of men, because it can be one of causes of impaired potency. Reason is cheap and low-quality products, containing in its composition a lot of impurities, among which significant proportion falls on soy protein. It`s an analogue of female sex hormones, the so-called phytoestrogen, which by its physiological action is opposite to male testosterone.

Thus, soy protein, which is part of sports nutrition, can cause disorders in work of male reproductive system.

Before you take dietary protein, be sure to consult with your doctor. In addition, you need to act on principle of “trust, but check,” namely, to conduct detailed chemical analysis of components of sports nutrition, to be sure of its safety for your body.