Protective reaction: how to improve skin immunity

Strengthening protective functions of epidermis with balanced diet, proper lifestyle and cosmetics Today, everyone knows importance of immunity. Our general condition, well-being, susceptibility to viral, infectious and other diseases depend on it. Usually, body’s immune system is perceived as something holistic. But it turns out that skin has its own immunity.

As well as the overall immunity, protective system of skin weakens under influence of external and internal factors, which leads to dryness, dullness, wrinkles, redness, irritation, micro-inflammation and acne.

Aggressive factors

First of all, you need to minimize negative impact of external and internal factors. Let’s see what is behind this phrase:

  • Environment. Metropolitan air is filled with toxic substances. These microscopic particles easily penetrate into deeper layers of skin and destroy it at cellular level.
  • UV rays. It has long been noticed that under influence of sunlight body’s immunity increases. However, don`t forget that time for sunbathing shouldn`t exceed two hours a day. At the same time it`s necessary to protect skin with special means with SPF. After all, UV rays are detrimental to youth of skin: they damage structure of its DNA, destroy protein molecules on skin and, as a result, reduce immune system of skin.
  • Bad habits. This includes not only such obvious things as smoking and alcohol, but also unbalanced diet. Abundance of fatty, heavy, unhealthy food and other fast food leads to slagging of body and decrease in overall immunity, and hence protective functions of skin, which often immediately manifests itself in form of micro-inflammations and rashes on face. In addition, sugar causes an irreversible process of glycation (gluing of collagen fibers) in epidermis.
  • Stress. Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep again weaken body as whole and lead to so-called behavioral aging of skin. So, to premature decrease in activity of Langerhans cells responsible for its protective functions.

Guard of beauty

Fortunately, skin immunity can be helped! To do this, you just need to follow few simple rules, make balanced menu and find right cosmetics for home care.

Have a diet, follow the instructions of your cosmetologist and don`t forget about cleansing and using right cosmetics. That will help you to have good view all the time.