Folk remedies and methods of erectile dysfunction treatment

Weak erection, rapid ejaculation, or its complete absence, reduced libido and self-esteem – today, about 50% of men over 50 suffer from these problems. If such violations occur, it is important to choose right drug therapy and start treatment of erectile dysfunction with folk remedies: take alcoholic infusion, herbal baths, solve problem with help of beekeeping products.

Best folk remedies for impotence

Today, every advertisement promises to get rid of sexual weakness, improve men’s health and become sex guru. However, coping with erectile dysfunction in reality is much more difficult. Here integrated approach is important: hormone therapy plus well-known folk methods usage.

Only qualified doctor can correctly pick up medication after conducting series of examinations. But impotence treatment with folk remedies forever can be built at its discretion. Try to benefit body from following foods, plants and herbs.

Winter mushroom

This mushroom got its name due to fact, that it can grow on trees bark even in middle of winter, but in fact, these are common mushrooms. The peculiarity of fungi is that even at low temperatures all useful properties are preserved in them. With help of the winter fungus, many problems are treated: they strengthen immune system, clean blood vessels, remove inflammatory processes.

However, in folk medicine, it is especially often used in event of erection disorder. There are many simple recipes for preparation of drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment from winter specimens.

Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction

No less effective will be purchased at pharmacy fees medicinal herbs. For example, ginseng root will have good effect on reproductive function, will reduce inflammation of St. John’s wort, soothe chamomile and mint with irritated urogenital canals, clover and nettle will increase potency.

Bee products

Composition of many drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment often include various bee products. It relieves inflammation well, cleanses blood vessels, stimulates potency and normalizes sperm activity. Only contraindication to such therapy is presence of honey allergies.


Another good option on  topic “how to treat impotence with folk remedies” – make tinctures, balms and teas from ginger. This root helps to cope with all forms of male sexual impotence and can be used both in fresh and in dry form. Beneficial effect of treatment can be noticed after weekly course.


Still don`t know how to restore erectile function by folk remedies? Then try simple recipes with walnuts. Even 10-15 kernels of this product help men to strengthen erection, improve sperm quality and prolong sexual intercourse. If you combine walnut with other ingredients, the effect will only increase.

Impotence nutrition

It is worth saying, that folk remedies for treating impotence in men wouldn`t help, if this doesn`t adjust your diet. To enhance erection it is very important, that required amount of protein is present in diet. At the same time, all products should be rich in vitamins, micro and macro elements.

All dishes should be prepared without adding large number of spices and other flavor enhancers. Sausages, salty chips, crackers, and other products for quick hunger satisfaction and fast food wouldn`t be useful for male libido.

In addition, with erectile dysfunction, hard-to-digest carbohydrates should be excluded from diet. The same rule applies to strong alcohol, foamy drinks, soda and coffee.

Most effective remedies for impotence

It is important, that medications be involved in erectile dysfunction treatment with folk remedies. For example, if impotence is caused by hormonal disruptions, you must additionally undergo course of hormone replacement therapy or taking type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

To prevent erectile dysfunction you need to:

  • Maintain physical activity.
  • Limit alcohol, tobacco or drugs usage.
  • Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Improve sex life, eliminate periods of long abstinence and abandon excesses.