Best ways to cure erectile dysfunction

Sexual frustration can affect both young and elderly men, but mainly it is men at the age of 40-70. In order to understand how to treat an erectile dysfunction, a doctor has to carry out a research into the causes of impotency.

According to statistics in 80% cases of a sexual power disorder has an organic origin: a patient can suffer from cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, and other diseases, and impotency is a complication.  Other causes of erectile dysfunction are psychogenic. More information about reasons and symptoms of this ailment is available on

Below we will consider the most effective cures for erectile dysfunction.

Reasonable daily routine

It is an optimal alteration of labour and rest. If a man arranges his day properly, all the body systems work correctly, and he is sure to preclude impotency. Chronic lack of sleep leads to the nervous system exhaustion, constant stress and anxiety that will affect sexual power too. Men should have a healthy life style with enough physical activity, wholesome food, and regular sex without long abstentions in order to prevent impotency.

Vacuum therapy

It is one of the most called-for procedures for impotency treatment with 90% effectiveness. This method presupposes creation of negative pressure inside a penis with a help of a vacuum cylinder and pump. This enhances blood supply and phallus hardening. Erection is maintained by a special compressing ring on the basis of a male organ. The treatment allows to make love for 30 minutes.

Surgical methods

  1. Penile revasculization. It is a micro surgery aimed to deliver a man from a penile arterial insufficiency.
  2. Venous surgery. This method is applied if impotence is caused by affections of a venoocclusive system of a penis (when vein patency in the organ is damaged).
  3. Endophalloprosthetics is the most effective surgical method to recover erection. The essence is implantation of implants into cavernous bodies of penis.

Medicinal treatment

Drugs for erectile dysfunction are pharmacological preparations, which typically are released in a form of pills. They promote penile solidification and volume growth to provide a full-fledged sexual performance. Many of these medicines are sold over the counter, and it is even possible to buy Viagra or Cialis online.

These non-addictive pills eliminate a reason of impotency, providing a medicinal effect, boost testosterone production and prolong a sex act without side-effects and contradictions. A medioprophylactic course lasts up to several weeks. A pill is taken 15-20 minutes before coitus, and the action remains for about 24 hours, provided sexual excitement. It means, a man will not suffer from an unexpected erection.

Folk remedy

Ethnoscience knows many receipts how to cure erectile dysfunction. Consumption of kiwi is very beneficial for men as it contains much vitamin C and potassium and topes up all body systems. Walnuts and pine nuts, celery root juice, ginseng fruits, ginger, herbal teas, honey, cultured milk food, and sea products are known to recover potency.


If loss of potency has psychological ground (stress, bad relations with a partner, depression, fear), it is enough to have 2-5 séances of psychotherapy to deliver from this ailment. A skilled psychiatrist will help a man to overcome his problems and obtain self-confidence. Often this method is combined with medicinal treatment.

Impotence is not an independent disease, but a complication. If a man finds out some symptoms of erectile dysfunction, he must consult a doctor and undergo medical tests for a precise diagnosis.