Vitamin D

Calcium – is a vital building material for bone tissue, which protects against osteoporosis. However, calcium cannot perform its function without enough vitamin D. Despite the scrutiny of the problems and prevention measures, still cases of rickets among children are registered. You can buy drugs, medicine, or try to buy Viagra online, but vitamins must be taken from the shop store. Over the life vitamin D and calcium have the same degree of importance in maintaining bone health. Vitamin D has many functions, but bone health – it`s main function.

New findings as to reason for ED

Vitamin D is present in human skin as vitamin D, which is activated by sunlight. As researchers found, the level of testosterone is directly dependent on the concentration of vitamin D in the body. Men, having at least 30 ng of vitamin D per 1 ml of blood, testosterone level are much higher than in men with the disadvantage. They found that the content of testosterone in the blood varies depending on the season. The maximum mark it reached in August. Since October, when solar activity decreases, the level of testosterone decreases and reaches its lowest level in March. Sporting achievements and reach their peak in the late summer and decrease in winter. It is also found that one hour spent in the sun, increases the level of testosterone by 50%.

In the winter months, scientists recommend filling the lack of “sunshine vitamin” products containing polyunsaturated acids. Therefore, bodybuilders need to carefully monitor the content in their food vitamin D, since it affects the level of testosterone required for anyone who wants to have a greater muscle mass more effectively carry out the training. Scientists say that vitamin D can cure impotence, but it is necessary to conduct a number of studies in order to use it as a natural remedy for impotence. A weighty argument in favor of treating dysfunction by means of vitamin D refers to the site, which that has proven results across studies. That was the conclusion they came from a study of data on ~3500 healthy men between the ages of 20 years.

“We are talking about exercise, adjustment of diet, vitamin supplements, as well as sunbathe“, said Dr. Erin Michos – lead research, associate professor of medicine at the Medical University of Johns Hopkins University.

To clearly establish the link between vitamin D deficiency and erectile dysfunction, more research is needed. If this link is proved, it can open up new opportunities and methods for the treatment of impotence. “Checking the vitamin D level can be a good way to assess the risk of erectile dysfunction in patients,” said Dr. Michos.

For a start it is recommended to do exercise to get rid of excess weight. Getting rid of excess fat will result in normalization of testosterone levels, and general health will be reflected very favorably. Do not forget about training and periodic fasting, which in moderate amounts also contribute to normal testosterone production. It is proved that zinc is a trace element essential for testosterone, so a daily ration of the substance must be in abundance. In large doses, zinc is found in protein foods (yogurt, milk, lean meat, beans, etc.). A sufficient amount of zinc is also necessary to maintain the required amount of testosterone to the body level. It is equally useful to normalize the levels of testosterone and vitamin D.

News surrounding vitamin D

News surrounding vitamin DExperts advise men to avoid stress, because in such a nervous tension body literally splashes out cortisol – is a hormone depressing testosterone function. Physicians are also advised to eat less sweet, because high blood sugar reduces the amount of male hormone. And remember, a man must eat meat to be a man. Contained in meat products saturated fats are actively involved in testosterone synthesis. Before starting the treatment of androgen deficiency, should identify the exact reasons for its occurrence. Usually men appointed replacement therapy hormone testosterone. This may be injection, tablets, on a special gel or hormone-based adhesive with its contents.

It is also worth remembering that the proven tools can be used to treat impotence. Enough to buy cialis and to make up its disadvantages. Vitamin D plays an important role in the production of testosterone and strengthening bones. Food rich with vitamin D is especially great in the winter months. It is from such foods as chicken and quail eggs, dairy products (cheese, cheese, milk, and butter), cod liver oil. Last used widely used in liquid form, in combination with not the most pleasant taste does not contribute to the people’s love. Today, rich in vitamin D cod liver oil can be purchased in every pharmacy in convenient capsules for use.

Remember that vitamins – a part of a vast complex of curative and preventive measures to be taken in case of violation of potency, for the prevention of violations of erection of the penis. Ideally – to use vitamin complexes is better to consult with your doctor urologist-andrologist. This vitamin is involved in the process of hematopoiesis and helps to improve the elasticity of blood vessels. Lack of vitamin D is fraught with tenderness, fatigue, bad mood and well-being, as well as frequent stress. Thus, it has, though not directly, but a significant impact on the implementation of the sexual needs of men. In addition, it normalizes the endocrine glands.

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Sports Muscle Or Impotence? What Is Real Price Of Low-Quality Protein?

For those who are actively involved in sports, sports nutrition is of particular interest, in particular, special diets, food mixes and supplements, protein and amino acids.

The most popular are protein components, which can quickly help build muscle mass during training. But do you know that sports protein can be dangerous? It can cause allergic reactions, dysbacteriosis and other digestive disorders, can be as consequence of individual intolerance, and overdose. In addition, composition of protein sports nutrition can get third-party impurities, among which may be heavy metals, very dangerous to health.

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Protective reaction: how to improve skin immunity

Strengthening protective functions of epidermis with balanced diet, proper lifestyle and cosmetics Today, everyone knows importance of immunity. Our general condition, well-being, susceptibility to viral, infectious and other diseases depend on it. Usually, body’s immune system is perceived as something holistic. But it turns out that skin has its own immunity.

As well as the overall immunity, protective system of skin weakens under influence of external and internal factors, which leads to dryness, dullness, wrinkles, redness, irritation, micro-inflammation and acne.

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Penile cancer

Tumors of penis, like any other organ, can be benign and malignant. There is division of penis tumors on histological basis: epithelial tumors and non-epithelial.

More common is benign epithelial tumors. However, some benign and precancerous diseases of penis can later turn into cancer. Among malignant tumors of penis most often (in 95% of cases) squamous cell carcinoma occurs. Squamous cell carcinoma of penis is most often localized on foreskin or glans penis.

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Folk remedies and methods of erectile dysfunction treatment

Weak erection, rapid ejaculation, or its complete absence, reduced libido and self-esteem – today, about 50% of men over 50 suffer from these problems. If such violations occur, it is important to choose right drug therapy and start treatment of erectile dysfunction with folk remedies: take alcoholic infusion, herbal baths, solve problem with help of beekeeping products.

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Best ways to cure erectile dysfunction

Sexual frustration can affect both young and elderly men, but mainly it is men at the age of 40-70. In order to understand how to treat an erectile dysfunction, a doctor has to carry out a research into the causes of impotency.

According to statistics in 80% cases of a sexual power disorder has an organic origin: a patient can suffer from cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, and other diseases, and impotency is a complication.  Other causes of erectile dysfunction are psychogenic. More information about reasons and symptoms of this ailment is available on

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Erectile Dysfunction? Treat it without prescription

Is it possible to treat erectile dysfunction with OTC?

Compared to the prescription drugs, over-the-counter treatments (OTC) are sometimes considered to be less effective. Luckily for men with erectile dysfunction over-the-counter erectile dysfunction drugs still may help. As it was found by National Associations related, almost 30 million Americans suffer from ED. Sexual disorders concern almost even young male, not to mention those who are over their 70s. What drugs are available over-the-counter for treatment of the erectile dysfunction? Continue reading “Erectile Dysfunction? Treat it without prescription” »

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Age has No Effect on Men’s Health

Nature has determined its limit of “strength” for men, and health opportunities are reduced with age. Some men have serious health problems that are beginning to emerge in about 45 years. According to the observations of doctors, in this period of life among men immunity drops significantly, and sexual needs reduce. The main reason lies in the fact that many men even from a young age careless about their health, and having stepped over 50-year milestone, still do not pay serious attention to the worsening of their health status.

The Difference between Men and Women after 50 Years

With age, a person has new values, life takes on new color, and despite the intervening years, life goes on, and does not end. Women over 50 are beginning to think more about their appearance, start for a new look at life and unexpectedly open in it a lot. And that inspires her and helps to cope with age-related problems.

Men also have to do the same:

  • look at life through different eyes;
  • revise views on own health;
  • start to do something about with own hands;
  • change the image or appearance;
  • make new friends.

Common interests, but separate between the sexes, bring people together after 50 years. They begin to look at each other with different eyes. Men fall in love again, women – are becoming more beautiful and attractive. More and more time is left for each other.

The Main Problems of Men’s Health after 50 Years

Physiological problems, ailments and disease – they do not stand in the first place. There are other causes of male oppression.

  1. Psychological problems. It is not surprising, but according to researchers, a major health problem among men 50 – psychological. High mortality rates among men 50+ have less to do with the physical state, but with the experience of constant stress, depression and lack of life in positive emotions. These factors have the most impact on reducing the body’s immunity and resistance to various diseases and infections.
  2. Pride and selfishness. Avoiding emotional and physical fatigue will help fiftieth man to keep and strengthen health. In early years, there are many ways to lose tensions and cope with stress. And with age simply cannot allow the bad feelings in your life, so as not to fall into depression, apathy and neurosis. And this requires one thing: peace of mind and a positive attitude to life. Remember that a smile at this age is the best prevention and cure.
  3. Sexual problems. There is another important point in the men’s health after 50 – it is sexual problems. The point is not that the feelings and desires go away, but in an elementary misunderstanding of man`s body. With age, there is a change of life of some bodies responsible for the sexual activity and it is inevitable. In addition, sexually active of elderly men is seriously affected by health problems such as:
  • diabetes,
  • obesity,
  • hypertension,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • prostatitis,
  • oncology;
  • neurosis.

Especially a negative impact is caused by alcohol and smoking.

  1. Confusion and fear of doctors. Doctors in one voice say: the majority of men are not willing to go to the doctors in occasion of the delicate problems. The studies conducted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom showed that half of the men did not tell the doctor about erectile dysfunction. And even those who have received advice on this occasion, for the most part, do not pass the full treatment. In some countries men neglect the treatment, believing that it is “not worthy of a real man.”

The man, perceiving his problems, wrong, withdraws into himself, plunges into fear and despondency. The first thing to do at the age of 50 years is to be ready to age-related changes and problems.

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Cause And Correction Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and support erection sufficient for the introduction of the penis into the vagina and the completion of intercourse. Erection problems affect the quality of life of men and significantly worsen his psychological condition.

The incidence of erectile dysfunction depends on the age of the man. At a younger age (40 years) pathology occurs in 7% of men, and in older (60 years) – already at 40%. But age is not the cause of erectile dysfunction. Causes of impairment can be a cardiovascular and metabolic disease, which progresses in older men.

The mechanism of erection

The mechanism of erectionTo understand the causes of erectile dysfunction, you should know how forms an erection. So, in the process of expanding the cavern field in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which stimulates blood and filling them with the appearance of an erection. If a person has no vascular pathology, this process often takes place without any problems. Also an important factor is a nerve impulse in the excitation. If pathology and affect this process, the erectile dysfunction is not long in coming.

Source of the problem

Erectile dysfunction develops as a result of the two groups of reasons: psychogenic and somatic. Psychological causes include stress, depression, especially behavior. Somatic Privin are much more common. These include:

  • metabolic diseases (diabetes);
  • atherosclerotic changes;
  • failure of the liver;
  • renal failure;
  • endocrine diseases (thyroid disease);
  • traumatic lesions of the brain and spinal cord;
  • stroke;
  • Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, erectile dysfunction provoked by taking certain drugs. Problems also arise when alcohol abuse, smoking and taking drugs. Infections and inflammation have no effect on erection.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

The problem of erectile dysfunction successfully solved by therapeutic correction. If you have symptoms should consult a doctor to determine the provoking factor and purpose of effective treatment. The specialist will conduct all the necessary diagnostic manipulations and prescribe therapeutic course, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Also, the doctor will give advice on the correct way of life to secure the result. The treatment of erectile dysfunction include:

  • tablet preparations;
  • erektornuyu vacuum therapy;
  • injecting drugs;
  • biofeedback.

In some cases, the problem is solved with the help of penile implant.

Erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated. Therefore, the appearance of symptoms should immediately seek medical attention. After a course of treatment must be all the doctor’s recommendations for fixing the result. It is important psychologically tune in to the successful elimination of the problem.

Disease prevention

To prevent the development of pathological symptoms are required to keep a healthy lifestyle, not to abuse the use of alcohol, smoking, drug-taking. You also need to give the body enough exercise. You also need to follow the diet, to avoid increasing the level of cholesterol in the blood.It is important to follow the psychological state, to prevent depression and stress. Trust relationships with a partner also play an important role in correcting the problem. More information can be found at

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